Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

As an Amazon-based online business owner, you probably try to get the most out of your business and sell products in the highest possible volume. The following paid and free Amazon product analysis tools must be on your must-get list! 

Disclaimer on prices: We tried to pick the best prices, which usually came with the annual payment option. 

The Five Best Amazon Product Research Tools

To cut a long story short, we jump right into the middle, and without further ado, we show you 10 of the best paid Amazon product research software!

IO Scout

IO Scout is a good fit for everyone who uses IO Scout Amazon FBA to sell their products. It has a vast product database, to find the most promising products in minutes.

IO Scout offers tracking, cross-platform, data export, 24/7 support, and an Amazon FBA product research Chrome extension too.


  1. Start-Up: $14,5/m, 25 tracked products
  2. Seller: $24,5/m, 45 tracked products, Chrome extension
  3. Business: $34,5/m, 85 tracked products, Chrome extension

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JungleScout is the top tool used by entrepreneurs and online businesses. It helps to maximize profit, find the best-selling and the most promising products on Amazon.

Here are some of the JungleScout vital features:


  1. Jungle Scout - $39/month: web interface, opportunity score, no Chrome extension.
  2. Jungle Scout & Extension - $49/month: all features and Chrome extension included.
  3. Extension - $19/month: only the Chrome extension is included, with opportunity score and limited features.

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Helium 10

The Helium 10 Amazon market research toolkit is made for online entrepreneurs. Each plan covers product and keyword research, market and trend analytics, and different data analysis methods.


  1. Platinum Plan - $970/year: unlimited access to most features, high limits on Index Checker, Keyword Tracker, and Listing monitoring.
  2. Diamond Plan - $1970/year: all features, and even higher limits on the different elements.
  3. Elite Plan - $397/month: superior limits, all features included

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AMZScout is a professional yet straightforward Amazon product finder software, that helps Amazon FBA businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The most essential tool to grab from AMZScout is the Chrome Extension.

This extension is available in a monthly subscription plan for $44,99 per month, or as a lifetime purchase for a one-time $199 fee. 

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Viral Launch

Viral Launch offers professional keyword and product research tools. To satisfy Amazon-business Viral Launch, grants access to superior solutions. The most potent features:


  1. Basic - $50/month
  2. Pro - $83/month
  3. Brand Builder - $135/month
  4. Kinetic - $166/month

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The top free Amazon keyword research tools

The tools listed in this chapter are the best free Amazon product search assistants. Perfect choices for beginners.


This free Amazon price tracker is easy to use and monitors millions of Amazon data points. Searching for the best Amazon Product Research Tool follow DataGuide and find a tools to help you become an Amazon seller. It's the best tool to keep you updated about the price drops and discounts related to your queries. For a freebie, this tool is quite good!


Keepa is a volatile free Amazon research tool. It has plugins for all major browsers, and it accesses more than a hundred million Amazon products. The main features cover price history, alerts, and daily deal monitoring. Highly recommended!


It's another free Amazon-related business solution, which offers product and keyword research methods, along with the Sellics feature, helps to create listings that convert and sell! Since it's free, easy to use, and fast, you should try it!


The solutions in this article cover both keyword and product research, two of the most critical issues in this niche. For further details, browse our site - there are more in-depth reviews and guides for you!


What are Amazon product research tools? 

The best amazon tools are essential software assistants which provide valuable data on related niches and products. 

Why is Amazon product research important? 

The thorough product research Amazon is the first and most crucial step to your online success. You must find the right products, the suitable niches to make a profit. 

What can you do with Amazon product finder tools? 

The Amazon product database scanning tools provide fast, easy methods to gather and analyze information and build a winning listing.

Amazon Web App and Chrome Extension. What to choose? 

The best would be to try both. There are paid and free web apps and extensions, but as far as our experience goes, the brightest thing to have both - the web apps usually offer more in-depth info and analytics.