FBA Toolkit review

FBA Toolkit is an online service, created for those who would like to enter the highly competitive Amazon FBA arena. There are three significant features, and some free information too, available right from the home page. The people behind it are the Pathfinding SA, an Argentina-based company.

Take a quick look at the freebie on the home page:


What is this?

What the FBA Toolkit does precisely? In general, it’s just like most of the other online services providing product and sales analytics for FBA sellers. Fortunately, this tool isn’t that complicated, and even though you can’t perform keyword analysis or inventory management, it’s a complementary accessory for those interested in business.

After you sign up, you get full access to the tool; however, the number of queries depending on the package you choose.


amazon fba toolkit

Among the five different plans at FBA Toolkit, you should consider starting with the $5 per month Scouter, which gives you the necessary capabilities. If you are satisfied, or you’ve started to make actual money with Amazon, you might consider upgrading to a Business or Enterprise plan for $50 or $250 a month.


Joining the FBAToolkit is very easy, and when you are done, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of the three primary FBA tools it provides.


After you add the products’ ASIN to the tracker, the toolkit cultivates the information and creates a page with all the info you need. Info like daily sales rank, daily tracking results, price changes, etc.

Sales Rank

This is the main idea behind the product track feature. The Sales Rank analysis provided by fbatoolkit.com is a great way to find those recurring periods when an item’s price drops, and you could buy it much cheaper, then resell for a reasonable price. Of course, this is only one scenario, and the opportunities are all open, you only have to learn to use the data.

Price list analysis

It is the tool that helps you make decisions based on given price lists’ analytics. FBA Toolkit prepares a detailed report from the uploaded price lists, which contains the following information:

  1. Actual products info (.e.g Title, ASIN, Cost, Profit, etc.)
  2. Historical info (profit, markup, etc. in a given period)
  3. Sales volume (per day, per month and ranks)

How to use it?

It’s straightforward to get the info from the FBA Toolkit features. The ASIN of a product is enough, and then you have to check the report thoroughly. Only you know what to look for in these reports. The Price list analytic feature requires you to upload the price list spreadsheet.


Truth to be told, it’s not easy to judge FBA Toolkit. Compared to the other players in this area, it’s too simple, and with three (well, two, actually) tools, the business, and higher plans feel a bit overpriced. Nonetheless, for a beginner, it’s a perfect tool for product research, and spreadsheet lovers might also find it a great way to have a lot of data at their fingertips.


What markets are supported by FBA Toolkit?

According to the information gathered from the website of FBA Toolkit, the software supports the US market only. However, the Enterprise and Elite packages cover the other markets (e.g., German, Mexican, Indian, French, etc.). As a beginner, you might find it hard to invest in the bigger plans, so you should try to launch your product for the US market, if possible.

Does FBA Toolkit offer a free trial? 

Unfortunately, the FBA Toolkit doesn’t offer any free trials. In case you would like to check it out, you should consider trying the Scouter plan, which is only $5 for a month. Also, the first month is free, so in principle, that’s your free trial.

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit?

Since this provider uses only Paypal as an accepted method of payment, you have to log in to your PP account and cancel the regular subscription there. Here is how it’s done: