Viral Launch Review

Introducing Viral-Launch

Viral Launch is quite a large company nowadays, with over 50 employees, a wide range of services, tools, and solutions for Amazon marketers. With Viral Launch’s tools, it’s quite easy to launch and promote a product, monitor its performance and the competition. In the Viral Launch review below, we tell you all you need to know about this Amazon FBA solution provider.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch Market Intelligence is probably one of the most known software solutions provided by this company. However, it’s only one of the many Viral Launch features, and looking at the big picture shows the full strength of this software suite. 

Now, to the answer: Viral Launch is a subscription-based online Amazon and Amazon FBA solution provider, with more than a dozen software and service for you to try. In principle, this is an in-browser software platform, although you may like the Viral Launch Chrome Extension too, which offers quick and useful information on-page! Most Viral Launch features work only with the US Amazon marketplace.

viral launch product discovery

Viral Launch Pricing

In the world of business, nothing is free, and for the professional Amazon marketers, a solution like the Viral Launch Product Discovery worth the price. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.This section features the Viral Launch pricing, while the rest of the review is all about the answers provided by viral Launch! These are the Viral Launch packages, offering software solutions.

Apart from these, Viral Launch also has product launch support (called Uber Launch), listings optimization plans, professional product photo packages, and PPC strategy management, done by professionals.

Viral Launch Solutions

Final words

Consider Viral Launch as a must-try option in case you are an intelligent Amazon marketer. Fortunately, there is a free trial, which grants you the chance to back off in case you are not satisfied, or you want to try something else. By all means, we declare Viral Launch worthy of attention, and you would do well to give it a shot!


How do I cancel Viral Launch?

As a subscriber, you have to go to your Viral Launchpad and select the cancellation option. Another choice is to write an email to the support team and ask for your subscription cancellation. Keep in mind that Viral Launch won’t pay back your money - the time you bought will end as it supposed to, but it won’t renew. 

Can I use a free trial?

Yes, Viral Launch free trial is available from the sign-up page. Instead of going for the payment, you can find the trial option under the disclaimer under the Subscribe Now button. With this trial, you get the chance to take a closer look at the Viral Launch features and apps to decide whether to subscribe or not.

Is Viral Launch Accurate?

Well, just like stars in the sky, there as many opinions about Viral Launch’s or the other similar providers’ accuracy. We think it’s safe that the Viral Launch market intelligence is a highly accurate service. Not a hundred percent, but about eighty-ninety, and this is better than you could reach on your own.